THE NINTH HOUSE OF HOROSCOPE - Fortunes, wifes brother, religion..

Vedic Astrology call this Dharma Bhava, Bhakya Bhava that is generally supposed, we already seen that
the fifth house we judge as one of his the previous births karma, lucks, bad karma and  another triangle in the ninth house of your ancestors (father, paternal grandparents - mother, maternal grandparents) excellencies and fortunes, talent coming through Genetically.

Benefits of ninth house come through to Strenth of Jupiter, Sun and Mercury on your horoscope so these plant sit his own house, exaltation house, quadrant (start from ascendant sign ,4,7,10) or triangle (start from ascendant sign ,5,9), and  friends signs. The Ninth House can be thought of as a widening of the Third House; study, travel, and mental pursuits are expanded in the Ninth House onto a much wider plane. This is the House of the higher mind. Under its domain are higher education, philosophy, and the study in depth of profound subjects. Long journeys of both the mind and the physical body are controlled by this House. 

It concerns actual travel to foreign lands and business interests in other countries. It governs the meeting of foreigners who expand your way of thinking, and also the study of languages. The Ninth House rules your public expression of ideas and is therefore the House of publishing and literary effort.

Position Bhakya
Charitable status 
Paternal relations
Assets of indigenous 
Donation, charity and other qualities 
Foreign missions 
Available benefits without effort 
Religious and philosophical beliefs 
Preceptor (Guru)
Dreams and visions 
Fore knowledge, 
Spiritual & social work
 Involvement in divine matters 
Spiritual practice
 Dharma properties 
Lecturing Guru
Distant News
 Wedding hall 
Cultural Background 
Long distance trip 
Brother's wife 
Husband / wife, siblings 
Money Roll
 Higher Education 
Air travel 
Foreign Contact
Export, Import 



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