THE SEVENTH HOUSE OF HOROSCOPE - Partnerships, Wife, travel, trade...

The Seventh House is commonly referred to as the House of Wife, travel, trade, loss of sight, implement of death, marriage. The Seventh House shows us that partnerships can take many forms: marriage, business relationships, contracts, legalities, negotiations and agreements. We will cooperate to a greater or
lesser extent in these varied partnerships. The quality of that cooperation, in essence how we relate to the other, is key to the Seventh House.

The Seventh House concerns your ability to work harmoniously with others. business dealings with others (contracts, trade agreements, or mergers). buying and selling commission, the broker representing the industry.

The Seventh House is ruled by the Sign Libra and the Planet Venus. Lord of 7th house and Venus very important health impact of wife or husband. The Sixth House refer Divorce because Sixth House from 7th house to 12th house so we also consider marriage point of view see Sixth House too.

Some major points of The Seventh House :-

Married life
Wife (wife)
Public Relations
Your behavior toward others
Position maraka
Trade relations
Wife's condition
Sexual Life
Fine Arts
Fine Arts
Sexual Problems
Open enemies


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