Mars in First House
If Mars Poses Natural Benefic Zodiac Signs and Sun with Natural Benefic Plants
1. You are impulsive and independent person, Energetic face, confident behaviour and boost to your around persons and subordinates
2. You approach new projects with energy and confidence, and are capable of hard work.
3. Strong emotional and passionate relationships with family and publics, helpful and useful Brothers, Sisters
4. Healthy and strengthen body, vital role of his home and work places, interested in battles and fighting games
5. Disciplined and controlled early life, sportful environment, strong self-interests for power, fame, honour, success
6. Early or whole life structure around in manufacturing, engineering, defence places, highly living.

If Mars Poses Natural Malefic Zodiac Signs and Sun with Natural Malefic Plants
1. Injuring early life, inconsiderate, pushy, domineering, accident-prone life structure
2. Very heat body, heat diseases, more chances to accidents, blood diseases, lack nutrition problems
3. Bad and illegal self-confidents, living in battlefield and violent environment, over self-confidents or lower self-confidents
4. Unhealthy and unstrengthen body, struggle role of his home and work places
5. Living inferior environment, dishonest attitudes, battle and fighting habits, hating personality
6. Angry and fighting attitude of relationships with family and publics, despite brothers, sisters


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