Planetary & Zodiac wheel relationships of Astrology

Planetary relationships of Astrology :-

Sun - Self-governance, self-identity, soul, top officials
Moon - mother, adoptive mother
Mars - brotherhood, cousins
Mercury - uncle and aunt, friends, foster son
Jupiter - children, teacher, teachers, teacher
Venus - girlfriend, wife, spouse, friends,
Saturn - employees, officers, allies
Rahu - enemies, grandfather
Ketu - traitors, grandmother

Zodiac wheel relationships of Astrology
The first house - the physical structure, the soul
The second house - in general family relationships, family membersThe Third house - brotherhood, cousins 
The Fourth house - the mother, adoptive mother
The Fifth house - children, uncle, girlfriend, maternal grandmother
The Sixth house - employees, workers, opponents 
The Seventh house - wife, companion, lover 
The Eighth House - debtors, the mortgagor
The Ninth House - father, grandchildren

The Tenth house - the CEO, the boss, the company's chairman, counterpart staff
The Eleventh house - the elder brother, the second wife, Partners, Friends
The Twelfth House - Traitors (secret enemies), to the detriment of persons

Zodiac wheel of Human Body
Aries - the face, the brain 
Taurus - the neck, throat, tonsils, 
Gemini - shoulder, finger, hand, nose, lungs, chest 
Cancer - stomach, breast 
Leo - heart, spine, spinal cord 
Virgo - the small intestine, large intestine 
Libra - kidneys, skin 
Scorpio - male and female ethnic organs, blood, ear 
Sagittarius - hips, throat, liver 
Capricorn - dental, ligament, knee, skin 
Aquarius - below the ankle, blood flow 
Pisces - feet, Foot finger, lung, bowel, urine, etc. etc. This refers to waste. 



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