Sun conjoined Mercury and Mars in a Horoscope

Sun conjoined Mercury in a Horoscope
Good academic knowledge, skills, Quick intelligence, better ability to work, selfishness, stubbornness,

interested to knowledge, the first step takes courage, in the two plants good condition conjoined uncle and neighbor relationships benefit, instead  in the two plants bad condition conjoined uncle and neighbor relationships have problems.

those who live as planned.This conjoining one be an expert in many areas and have a basic knowledge of many fields, opposite sex like and respect him very much.

Extreme thinking, neurasthenia, extreme agility so sudden fatigue, as if to flee in a hurry to be somewhere to run.

Sun conjoined Mars in a Horoscope

Leadership potential, good management skills, individuality, standing right in good condition, anger, courage and brotherly relations are not good, but rather an overwhelming anger, bravery in the wrong things, the issue of brotherly relations. The ability to shoot down enemies, after two to three job change could become permanent professional

Sun + Mars strongly malefic conjoined loss of tropical diseases, eye damage, heart failure, jaundice, delirium, and the father dosha occur. Born with bad associations with the problem of vehicle accidents, the shame, the situation will be fined by the government, this combination chance to be more spouses.



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