1st House: The people that make the company work are represented by the 1st house. It also shows the
character of the people that make the company a good place to work, and how the personnel, including
the stockholders, work together as a unit. It also denotes the company’s attitude toward their competitors.

2nd House: The 2nd house shows the liquid assets of the corporation, and its buying power. This house
describes the money earned from sales of its product or services.

3rd House: This house represents contracts and communications within the company. It has to do with
public statements about the inner workings of the company. It also has to do with traffic, vehicles,
transportation and mail within the company.

4th House: Here are the managers and vice-presidents of a corporation, the real estate of the buildings,
where the work of the business takes place and the location of all buildings owned by the company.

5th House: This house represents speculation, social activities, sports, entertainments, and
conventions. This is the house of children.

6th House: This house represents the workers and their attitude about their environment. On-the-job
training is also part of the 6th house, and so are labor unions. However, either the 6th or 12th house can
indicate strikes.

7th House: Mergers and Acquisitions describe the corporation’s various types of business dealings
with others. They can be contracts, trade agreements, or mergers. Lawsuits and legal affairs and other
forces opposing growth and free action of the company are 7th house matters. Here we also find the
activities of the company’s sales competitors, their ability to handle public relations, and their
involvement with business-to-business partnerships.

8th House: This is the Debt House. This house represents the frozen assets, loans, interest income, and
mortgages as well as the corporation’s losses and gains due to death. These could be the estates of
deceased persons, or anyone connected with the corporate entity. The 8th house will indicate the financial

conditions surrounding partnerships, mergers or lawsuits. This house also describes loans and income,
from sources not under the control of the organization or corporation, and the revenue from investments
and/or the sale of frozen assets. The company treasurer is described by the 8th house—that is the person,
as distinct from the treasury. This house details their financial relations with competitors.

9th House: This is advertising, mid-level management, or corporate officials in general, as distinct
from their departments. The advertising department, publicity and public relations of a company are
represented here, including the results of media campaigns. All types of long distance communications as
well as foreign trade are represented by this house. It also reveals outside personnel, such as professional

10th House: This House is the CEO and the President. The CEO, Chairman of the Board, or the
governing supreme authority of the company is represented by the 10th house. Its public standing and
credit rating can be determined here.

11th House: This is the House of the Stockholders. The stockholders are considered friends of the
corporation. These folks determine the income of the CEO, and the shareholders must also approve the
leadership goals and policies. The friends of the organization (usually named suppliers) include the
network of companies that are closely associated with the organization and its activities. The Eleventh
House involves organizations or facilities that provide for social activities, such as fraternal groups and

12th House: This is the Dividends or Book Value of a share. The income of the stockholders is by
direct dividend payout or by increased valuation per share; this is a 12th house matter. This house can also
indicate competition that is presenting problems to the corporation. Here is where labor unions, strikes,
and labor troubles will manifest; they are also described by the 6th house. The 12th also details the work of
the public relations departments as it deals with governments and institutions.


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