Jupiter is indicate quality of person's life. Gnanakaraka Jupiter, Brahmagnana or divine knowledge, As the guardian of the abstract mind, this Planet rules higher learning and bestows upon us a yen for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually speaking, Jupiter assists us in formulating our ideology. In the more spiritual realm, Jupiter lords over religions and philosophy.  Jupiter also rules long-distance travel. In keeping with this theme, Jupiter compels us to assess our ethical and moral values; it also addresses our sense of optimism.

Jupiter indicate Self-Discipline, eloquent and skilled speaker, domestic matters and children birth and life, lucky children, peaceful life, Male planet, yellow color (golden), height, shape, Metals: Gold, Northeast. In general it is not good to be alone Jupiter in one house, Jupiter is view places to be 5, 7, 9 Jupiter viewing places to give fortunate.

Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter for good reason. This is a kind and benevolent Planet, one which wants us to grow and flourish in a positive way. Jupiter may be judge and jury, but it's mostly an honorable helpmate, seeing to it that we're on the right path. While our success, accomplishments and prosperity are all within Jupiter's realm, this largesse can, at times, deteriorate into laziness and sloth (Jupiter, at its worst, is associated with weight gain!). More often than not, however, Jupiter will guide us down the primrose path.

Jupiter indicate work life:
finance, insurance, banking, law, treasury, scholars, priests, politicians, advertising, psychologist, humanitarian.

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