1. Sun is the soul
  2. The Moon is his mind
  3. Mercury his speech
  4. Mars his strength
  5. Jupiter his knowledge and happiness
  6. Venus his desire or lust
  7. Saturn his misery

Sun: Administration, Governing, Management
Moon: Food, Housing.
Mercury: Communications; Transport.
Venus: Art; Currency. Entertainment.
Mars: Energy; Machinery.
Jupiter: Publishing; Travel.
Saturn: Accounting.
Uranus: Computers.
Neptune: Oil; Perfume; Garbage.
Pluto: Insurance; Taxes..

Sun: He describes the character of company and can also describe its product.

Moon: She represents the investors who are constantly changing and will withdraw their support should
they believe that their work is not productive. She also represents the reaction of the public to the
products and services of the company.

Mercury: It details how the network of communications operates within a company—the phones, fax,
autos, and the suggestion box.

Venus: She explains the day-to-day collections and distributions of cash. She can also describe inhouse
policy, work rules and incentive programs.

Mars: He describes the sales force and the ability of the workers to get the product to the market.
Personnel, including mid-level management and unions, fall under the Mars influence.

Jupiter: This is the CEO or Chief Executive Officer. This is the way management operates to
coordinate the various departments within the company. This is where the final decisions are made. He
determines the structure of the company’s organizational profile.

Saturn: This is the CFO or Chief Financial Officer. He manages the pricing and profits, plus all other
financial aspects concerning the company’s products.
The outer planets need more research, and I have enumerated my ideas below.

Uranus is the engineering department or the WEB master. They are also the folks in Research and
Development that create the patents and copyrights that will enhance the company’s profits.

Neptune is the Advertising and Marketing department. Quite often Neptune will have the same
meanings as Jupiter.

Pluto is the Legal and Benefits departments.


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