Sun in Aries at birth Horoscope better way of life, will be the ultimate winners. Those who do not have any of the disadvantages of the body is very strong. Those who have no disease excruciating.

Moon in Taurus at birth Horoscope people's favor him, have Beautiful dresses and jewelry and will get the desired food.

Mars in Capricorn at birth Horoscope they very forceful one, hopeful person, will be renown.

Mercury in Virgo at birth Horoscope expert in one more arts, shastras, researcher, like to maths, astrology, 
computer knowledge, have good memory power.

 Jupiter in Cancer at birth Horoscope born in very good family, enjoy plenty of comfort property, car, vehicle,Wise knowledge of education. Will give an advantage to his sons. Make charitable donations.

Venus in Pisces at birth Horoscope have great wealth, and knowledge. have or get comforts like luxury vehicles, houses. live like very happiest person.

Saturn in Libra  at birth Horoscope those who have long life get much physical strength, strong wealth, leader of they circle like ( Chairman, President,...)

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